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Fishin' Reports

4 May 2012
Ripp is testing the posting of his fishing reports on Facebook. If you are on Facebook, visit them by going to this web page. Meanwhile, here are some reports that Ripp has posted previously.

**** 5-3-2012 ** ****** REEL FISHIN ADVENTURES BY Ripp ****** Wuz dat good or what Big Bud. i want to Thank Bud S. and guest, 2 from here and 1 of dem was from da Great state of Montana for fishin with me today. its been a while since Big Bud been down to da bayou to fish and pass a good time with us, now you talk about some memories bein made, man we made some today dat would last most people 2 life times and den pass dem down to dare family members. let me told y'all you can only put so much stuff in your head, just like dis here machine it only can hold so much den it starts slowin down so you have to get a new one, dats fine with dis here machine but us older dudes don't work like a machine cuz when we fill up we got to turn someting aloose and i can tell y'all it ain't gonna be Huntin or Fishin memories and y'all can take dat to da bank. i tink i told y'all dat i have a face book page up and runnin now and i now can post our day-lee fishin pictures so when y'all have a spare minute check us out. of course, i'am still plenty green with all dat face book stuff but i'am gettin better. now my crew was right on time dis mornin and what a great mornin to be out on da water with a reelin rod in hand or a sandwich like somebody i know but i ain't sayin any names. da bayou was pretty slick when i backed da boat down so i was pretty sure we was gonna have a fun day on da water. we had a very smooth ride out and what a Great sunrise we got to see. now i was checkin da tide on our way out and it wasn't doin much so i new we had a lil while to kill and we did start out a lil slow just pickin up a fish here and dare. now as much as i hate to say it cuz y'all know i don't like startin any SHIT but Chris he was da Stump catchin Champ today without a doubt, if dat crew was fishin tomorrow Bud & Jack still couldn't catch him up. as it was i had to run to Academy to pick up more spoons so i can fish tomorrow. all so if anybody saw where we was fishin PLEASE, PLEASE don't get out da boat with out any steel toe shoes cuz Chris left so many hooks in da water y'all would keep hurt. he caught more Earth den anybody else did today. # 1 all da way Chris. now Big Bud was tryin to fish with a Sandwich in one hand and reelin rod in da other, i taught a few times he would put his sandwich down, WRONG, now he throwed my rod down a couple of times but dat sandwich was knot leavein his hands, oh yea i all most forgot, i had to ask him to stop a couple of times from usein all dem Adult bad words, y'all know me i don't like dat kind of Language on my boat and NO he wouldn't quit with dem bad words. he was tryin me hard but y'all know i can control myself from usein dat kind of Adult Language. as it was he spit dat dam old tobacco all over my motor. why would you want to put dat Nasty stuff in your mouth, dats right i use to chew a lil bit my self but it was for Health reasons only cuz i was tryin to lose a lil weight and it worked for me, i know i don''t have to tell y'all dat cuz da proof shows in my fur-seek. if you say dat fast its right. now after dat tobacco has been in your mouth a while you just don't feel like eatin anyting good or sweet. we had 18 redfish when we hit da mother load and i don't know how many fish dey caught after dat cuz i was tiein spoons on Chris is line, oh yea i had a good day of knot tiein, so good i can tie dem in my sleep if i sleep cuz i'am gonna be twistin and turnin in my sleep tryin to get dem bad words out of my head. i know what y'all tinkin but Nope, soap wouldn't help him, maybe a 55 gallon drum of soap would help. OK, i done all i could do here plus my crew for tomorrow is here and i got to go and see dem for a minute. i know i'am all ways tellin y'all to keep a tight line but Chris was pass da point today, gotta love it. see y'all tomorrow. Da Rippulator

** 5-1-2012 ** ****** REEL FISHIN ADVENTURES BY Ripp ****** Come on down to da bayou cuz da water is fine. i want to Thank Bill C. and guest from North Louisiana, i want to Thank Bailey S. and guest from Da Big Easy and some of his guest was from California, i all so want to Thank Ken K. and guest from Tx. for fishin with us today. what a day we all had, we smacked dem redfish today. caught dem on dead shrimp, plastic cocahoes, & gold spoons, i don't care who you are you gotta love dat. my crew was up and ready for me dis mornin, i pretty much tink everybody was up and ready to catch fish today. we had a light N.E. wind when i backed da boat down. we had a smooth ride out and got to see another great sun rise, dey did have a few clouds but it still was a great sun rise, we now have a face book page so check us out on Face Book den type in Ripps Charters and look at our pictures. now on our ride out da wind pulled a lil bit to da North but was still very light. just a lil nip in da air. we caught just about all our fish on dead shrimp but Mr. Bill did catch a couple on a gold spoon. once again da bite was when i speared da boat down, dem redfish was ready and waitin just like my crew. dey couldn't wait for dat shrimp to hit da water, dey was on da bait before it hit da bottom and da bottom was only 4 or 3 feet from da surface, tick dey was. everybody got some good pictures of dare fish out on da water and back on da dock. we had a bunch of new comers Ladies & Men and dare 1st. day of red fishin with us was as good as it gets. one of dem said, dat was as much fun as you could have with your cloths on, yea, you know you gotta love dat. makein life long memories. my crew Mr. Bill his wife Miss Nancy & Mr. Everrt will be down for 3 days of fishin with one all ready under dare belt, dey havein some fresh redfish off da pit for dare supper tonight. Ken and crew will fish one more day with us den gonna spend 3 days at da Jazz Fess, now Chris is Ken's son and he brought his Bride down with him dis year for her 1st. trip down to da bayou and i tink she did pass a good time with us. it will be her 1st. trip to Jazz Fess and her 1st. trip to da Big Easy. dey got some pretty good plans for her. French Quarter, Burbon Street among other sight seein sights. now Bailey S. and crew was a hoot today, he had 3 boats for his guest and what a ball dey had fishin and it never ended dare. we all had a ball with dem once dey hit da dock cuz dey stayed around while we cleaned all da fish. i got to take a bunch of group pictures of everybody and dare fish and some good pictures i might add. now knot all of Bailey's crew was Fisher people but dey tried dare hardest and it showed at da fish board. now with all of our crew and all my chores i have to do with a couple of rounds more to make i just can't stay and play on dis here machine any longer but i will be back tomorrow. so many tings to do and so lil time to do it. see y'all den. Da Rippulator

** 4-29-2012 ** ****** REEL FISHIN ADVNETURES BY Ripp ****** Just a lil note to let y'all know dat da Boat Blessin is today 4-29-2012 and da bayou is Buzzin once again, as we was ridein in you could see Parties startin to set up all along da bayou both sides and we did see a few boats get ready to be Blessed, all so da Jazz Fess is goin on 1st. weekend and with good weather dey have thousands of people & record crowds now dats knot for me. What a Good fishin day it was, now dats for me. i don't know what can happen in 20 hours or so but it did once again. i want to Thank B.J. B. and guest for fishin with us today. i told him yesterday evenin when i talked to him dat i gave up today cuz we zig when we should have zagged and vise versa and dat fish box was very ugly but he told me dey still wanted to come down cuz da weather would be nice. now when i backed da boat down dis mornin da wind was pretty light and out of da South East with a few clouds startin to build up. i had no fish request today so i new what i wanted to do and where i wanted to do it. we caught half our fish on dead shrimp under a slidein sinker and da other half on plastic cocahoes just castin and reelin back in just kinda bouncein it off da bottom. we did see a couple of small schools of reds on da surface and a couple of times all 4 of us was hooked up at one time and we landed 3 nice reds out da 4 one time and even my new comers was catchin fish and dem reds had a pretty bronze color to dem and dat made for some nice pictures both on da water and on da fish board once we got back to da dock. now dey lose a lil color once you put dem in da ice chest but dey still nice hangin on da fish board. B.J. had 2 new comers and right away dey told me dey wasn't fisherman dey was Golfers but i told dem knot to worry cuz where we castin dares nothin to hang up on and dey could cast on either side of da boat. now once we got to da fishin grounds da fish was ready for breakfast. a shrimp or a plastic cocahoe it didn't make any difference to dem redfish cuz which ever one hit da water dey wanted it. da water had cleared up very nice from yesterday cuz it was a total mess yesterday mornin. now i can't stay to long cuz we got a 5 or 4 parties to make and let me told y'all dat makes for a long day cuz plenty of my buddies all ready got da drinkin jump on me and i'am knot near as good as i use to be but i'am as good once as i ever was, tink i heard dat somewhere before. see y'all tomorrow. Da Rippulator

** 4-28-2012 ** ****** REEL FISHIN ADVENTURES BY Ripp ****** Man what a ruff week i had, been in da Doctors office twice times, no you ain't gotta love dat. i want to Thank Bob R. and guest from Baton Rouge & and lower South Ms. for fishin with me today. da wind was allready blowin when i backed da boat down. Mr. Bob and crew was early like all ways so he can chat with Da Basse gang a lil bit before we leave da dock. he brought Frank & Ken with him for his 1st. trip of da year and dey wanted to try for some specks and we been catchin a few dozen or so but i taught da wind might be a lil to much for it today but what da hell lets give it a try since dey wanted & i was more den sure i could find some clear water, dat was da WRONG ting to do today. for some reason da water was really ugly every where we went. we wasn't far from Grand Isle at our longest run out and da water was still like chocolate milk. it wasn't a good for us for speck fishin and we found dat out da hard way, matter of fact we cut da day in half cuz of dat. dat wasn't da way i wanted Mr. Bob and guest to start of dare 1st. trip of da year. i don't like given up and never do but today i did. i'am gonna send some open days i have in July and let Frank & Ken come back down and try it again when i'am pretty sure its gonna be hot and maybe calm. i have a hard time gettin right with da fish, Ken & Frank on da same day for some reason. now da old man of da sea Mr. Bob i have no problem with him, he catches fish all da time even when he's knot tryin. i hated to throw in da towel but we went from da dock to about 5 miles North from Grand Isle den west den all back thur Olen canal back to Lil Lake to da mouth of Lake Salverdoor, dats right lots of water coverin and from what i saw it wasn't gonna get any better for sure da water wasn't clearin up any for us. i don't know if keepin da bait wet today would have helped us. Da Rippulator

** 4-24-2012 ** ****** REEL FISHIN ADVENTURES BY Ripp ****** Man it was good to see both you Sue's again. now i see Sue G. pretty often but Sue A. i haven't seen her in a while. i want to Thank Sue G. and Sue A. for fishin with me today. now its been a while like i said since dey been down on da bayou to pass a good time with me, 9-18-2001 was dare last trip with me and lots of changes dey went thur since dare last trip. dey brought a couple of dare reelin rods with dem and da string hasen't been changed in 4 years and one had 6 pound test and da other had 4 pound test. i told dem knot to worry i have some more updated ones dat dey could use with no charge so dare rods just rode around with us. now dey was right on time just like dey use to be and da wind was flat & i mean flat but da water was about 2 1/2 feet gone but we still had a plan. when i backed da boat down dis mornin it looked like just my head lights was stickin out of da water. da water was ugly in da bayou. now we did get to see a Great sun rise and i mean a good one, no clouds no where to be seen, just dat big ball of Orange fire, runnin out on another fishin trip early mornin, man i love dat. all so it was 48 degrees when i left da house dis mornin, knot dat bad you say, put on a pair of short britches and try to make it to da fishin grounds, ain't no way. my crew had on at least 3 layers each for da ride out, plus Sue A. was bringin dare stuff to me and i was wonderin if Sue G. told her dis was a day trip and knot and over nighter, dem Ladies had some supplies, dey was ready for what ever happened out dare. we started out with dead shrimp on da bottom and fished da hole day like dat. our 1st. stop was dry but on our second stop we landed a couple of nice keeper redfish and i taught to myself da bite was on den we went into a slow mornin grind until late mornin and den i backed tracked a lil bit once da water started to move in and in one spot we finished our limit up right quick like and when dey quit dey quit, we might could have been 30 minutes sooner. we caught a couple of nice reds dare to and i got a couple of pictures of dem out on da water before we headed in and i all so got a couple of group pictures of dem back at da dock. now Miss Sue G. is movein reel slow des days cuz she broke her ankle twice times and YES, it was da same dam ankle, now dats bad luck right dare i don't care who you are but i can tell y'all dis it ain't slowed her fishin skills up any. she might knot can move as fast on her feet in da boat now but she still can handle a fishin rod. now da other Sue she was a lil more rusty but she got right back in da saddle all so after a few short instructions and found her grove once again. both dem girls can handle a reelin rod. i pretty much just stayed out of dare way. y'all know our fish was just gettin cranked up good before dis last cool front so i tink in another couple of days da water will clear back up and da bite will be on once again. like all ways keep a tight line. Da Rippulator

** 4-23-2012 ** ****** REEL FISHIN ADVENTURES BY Ripp ****** Where are dem cool fronts comein from, don't Mother Nature know its suppose to be spring. man if dis one would have came in Jan. it would have busted pipes & we could have kill some Deer. now we back to dat day to day fishin knot knowin what each day will be like, its a toss up when you back da boat down. now today was a bust till late mornin once again. my crew drove down from New Orleans and da wind was kickin ass from da get go, nothin to love dare. i new dey wanted to make it a short day and let me told y'all dat we ran and ran and tried and tried just pickin up 2 keeper fish till 10:45 am. we just started to catch a few keeper fish and my crew said dat was it da game is over cuz dey had to get back to da city for a big surprise 50th. birthday party for one of dare good buddies. now to try and knot draw any attention to da party my crew made sure dey called da birthday man from da boat and told him dey was catchin some good fish and dey wasn't, never had a keeper fish in da boat yet, so he wouldn't tink da party was for him, yea dats some sneakie friends right dare. i ask dem if dats why dey came fishin on dis short notice and dey told me yea cuz da birthday boy is wife taught he was gettin kinda superstitious about what was goin on plus a few comments he made. now i had to look dat frickin word up in dat dare word book, shit look at dat ting dats a lot of letters for a man like me, so dey planned a fishin trip on da day of da party so dat would throw him off. never heard back from dem yet so i don't know if it worked. now one good ting about dis trip Avery saw dat da fish was startin to bite once da tide startin movein but dey had to go. when dey shouted Game Over i taught one of dem had a nice fish on but dey was talkin about da fishin trip bein over and done with. man Avery another hour would help out da fish box, don't worry about da fish box Ripp its just fine, got more fish den if we would have stayed home and way less Honey Do's from our Brides. well if y'all Happy i'am Happy to, reel up and lets roll. Da Rippulator

** 4-20-2012 ** ****** REEL FISHIN ADVENTURES BY Ripp ****** I want to Thank Mike G. and guest for fishin with us today. we had just a light N.E. wind dis mornin when i backed da boat down in da water, a big difference from yesterday. dat crew of ours was up and waitin on us to pull up to get dem cuz dey was ready for a couple of crabmeat sandwiches, matter of fact we had to stop by Joe's and pick up a few more for dem cuz dey didn't tink 12 sandwiches was gonna make da day. i was more worried dey was gonna run out of dem cold adult drinks more den dem sandwiches den when i founded out dat Mike G. was in charge of dem drinks for each boat i new dey was in trouble and i was right cuz both boats run out of adult cold drinks before da trip was finished. Damit Boy, i wish Teddy T. da net man would have been with me today, Teddy i'am try to get you on da same page as me but you ain't catchin on to dem dudes, i'am tellin you dey Black Ballin you brother but any way i would have traded you for dat Dude Louie da Professional Rock Catcher, man could he catch a rock, let me told y'all we quit countin rocks after 2 dozen or so. please what ever y'all do don't swim by dem rocks cuz it could be very hard on your feet, knot da rocks but all da hooks Louie left behind. he is so good with a reelin rod he even caught da bottom of a broken glass bottle, he said da was skill right dare.Teddy Please come back, i won't talk about you no more. i'am gonna see if i can get dem to STOP Black Ballin you dude. now once again dey put Mike G. in charge of da drinks, how soon do dey forget & again and YES, me & Jody both run out of drinks before da trip ended, shit half way thur my crew was lookin for beer, nothin but ice in da chest. i had to go run Jody down and get da few beers he had left so my crew could finish out da trip. now my crew some kind of way caught dare Limit of redfish inbetween da Rock catchin and knot tiein i was doin right Louie. now Louie did catch da 1st. fish and YES, he went to talkin SHIT and again YES, he went down hill fast after dat and i didn't see him with another keeper fish, YES, all da rocks would have been keepers. Luckie dey brought Jeff along to catch da fish and dey put him all da way in back of da boat on one lil corner, now Randy was customer fishin most of da mornin & he was doin a Great job at dat. now Jody told me dat Mike G. caught most of da fish in his boat and da only ting i could tink about was da other 2 fishermen was sittin down watchin Mike fish cuz Jody only had one rod in da boat. how da shit did Mike G. catch mot of da fish, i tink we could add dat to da 7 wonders of da World. now i didn't see dat i'am goin by what i was told. Mike and crew all so caught dare limit of redfish. well i guess i gotta go cuz y'all know me i don't like startin any shit and i don't want to hurt anybody feelins. i can tell y'all dis, any trip with dis group of fellows many many memories is made and you gotta love dat. like all ways keep a tight line but try and keep da rocks off of it right Louie. Da Rippulator

** 4-19-2012 ** ****** REEL FISHIN ADVENTIRES BY Ripp ****** I want to Thank Mr. Paul D. and Mr. Andre R. for fishin with me today. da wind was allready blowin pretty hard when i backed da boat down. now when dey drove up we unoaded dare gear and off we went. now we been fishin with plastic cocahoes or gold spoons and dats what Mr. Paul's likes and dis bein dare 1st. trip of da year i taught we was gonna be able to fish like he likes, WRONG. now we had a rough ride out and i had to be carefull cuz of Mr. Paul's back and neck so i really had to take my time. once we got to da fishin grounds da water was like chocolate milk, i'am tellin y'all i could have put it in a bottle and you wouldn't been able to tell da difference so dare went da fake bait fishin. now it was really slow with dead shrimp under a slidein sinker. we made lots of moves and stops for a couple of fish. i told dem da tide was on a stand still right now and maybe when it starts to move tings will pick up. i was right about da fishin pickin up when da tide changed. we caught 8 nice flounders and missed a couple. we had a request for a flounder by Mr. Andre's wife and we fixed her up pretty good with dem 8 flounders, i'am tinkin she might let him come back and pass a good time with us. i don't know what happened when dem fish went to bitein cuz from what we could see on da surface it didn't look like nothin changed to us but at dat point we didn't care cuz we was now catchin fish instead of boat ridein, we was now openin da cover on da fish box and throwin fish in it and dat was a good sound. like i said we started out really slow. we was half way thur da 4th. quarter before dem fish showed up for us and let me told y'all dat saved our day. all dem fish was caught on dead shrimp under a slidein sinker. gotta run for now. Da Rippulator

** 4-17-2012 ** ****** REEL FISHIN ADVENTUIRES BY Ripp ****** i want to Thank Ken L. and guest from da Gulf Coast for fishin with us again today. da weather was very ugly from da get go dis mornin, da rain was right on our door step and closein in on us. now our crew was up and ready to go. i new we might get a lil while but would have to hide some where. we left da camp and got about 2 stops of fishin before dat Cold air hit us but as we was runnin out we was watchin a pretty good Lightin show for free courteous of mother nature. da one good ting about it was dat it was comein from da North and we had to run South to get back, now we caught a couple of reds and black drums right before we had to start back and when da Cold air hit us off we went and we had to run back to Joe's to hide, Nope we didn't make it. i told Ken and crew dat we would get some dry cloths on den wait about a hour and den check back with dem. now it got ugly for a lil while with some heavy lightin, thunder and heavy rain, 10 drops to da dozen dey was so big. dat went on for about 45 minutes or so den it looked like it wanted to clear up so we went to pick dem back up and try it again and dis time we made da rest of da day and it turned out to be a nice day of fishin after all till da very end. da lake got slick like a big mirror, i mean slick as Owl shit. all 3 boats had a good mornin of fishin. right before we ended our day of fishin i could see da sky turnin a lil grey and blue to our South but didn't tink nothin of it, i taught once da weather passed us by it wasn't comein back, WRONG i was and was dat a mistake on my part. now we met up with Jody and crew den started to make our way in and we wasn't dat far from da landin. we had about a 5 mph hour North wind but on our way in dat temperature dropped about 12 or 10 degrees right quick and it about 3 more minutes dat wind turned South and dat weather i wasn't worried about 20 minutes ago turned into some ugly shit and pounded us till we hit da dock. it rained so hard on us we couldn't even take our picture. now let me go back a few lines and say dis, when i saw dat weather comein i stopped and put my rain gear on and Ken said i'am just gonna put my rain coat on and knot my bottoms and man was dat a mistake, with rain drops 10 to da dozen it didn't take long at all for him to be soakin wet all da way to his bare skin and let me told y'all it was pretty chilly. all and all it was a good day of fishin. lots of people cancled dare trip for da day cuz of da weather but once again we was our dare in da war zone makein memories, gotta lot dat. Thanks again Ken & Judy L. Da Rippulator

** 4-16-2012 ** ****** REEL FISHIN ADVENTURES BY Ripp ****** Today was a lil different den yesterday cuz da wind moved a lil more to da West and dat hurt where we fished yesterday, matter of fact we couldn't even go dare today. i want to Thank Ken L. and guest from Mississippi for fishin with us again today and one more day tomorrow, hope-full-lee. water was still up on da black top just a lil bit dis mornin. it had gone down a few inches from yesterday evenin. now some of Ken's crew went home yesterday evenin after da fishin trip and some more filled in dare places. dey was up and about again dis mornin when i backed da boat down and YES, da wind was kickin ass early dis mornin. now like i said a few lines up da wind had moved over to da West just enough to mess up our fishin hole from yesterday so we had to move on to plan "B" right off da bat. man it is thunderin big time and very loud right now cuz we got another cool front tryin to move thur here tonight. oh, i hear da rain right now fallin and its fallin pretty hard. now we had a much softer ride out dis mornin. once i got to where i wanted to we started out fishin with dead shrimp under a cork but it was slow fishin for us. we moved a lot and tried a bunch of places just pickin up a fish here and dare and i speared us down more times den i could count. da wind was blowin so hard i hated to try and run any more South but it looked like dat was what we was gonna have to do. man dey did have some nice white caps in dat open water and YES, i flatten da tops of many. if dey had a head on it we smashed it down. we did make it across all in one piece and on our very 1st. stop we caught a black drum on just about every cast and all of dem was about 14 inches, it was very hard to find one dat made 16 inches. Miss Judy was a lil slow on dem corks but when we went to dem slidein sinkers she went to shinein once again, she was really showin her fishin skills. i don't know how many throw backs she caught but she had to sit and rest for a while. right before i would net da fish i would cast da other rod out and by da time we got da fish in she would have another one on da line, dats right we had a lil assembly line workin. we moved around a lil bit and it was da same on every stop. we did catch a couple of nice reds but dey to was far and between today for us. now once we hit da dock and everybody got in dats when we started to hear da fish stories. Terry was on Kory Joe's boat and he told us he had da biggest redfish on dat boat today and i tink Timmy had da 2 biggest redfish on Craig's boat and Ken had da biggest on my boat but Miss Judy did catch da 1st. keeper today. now dey givein dat cool front and hard rain to hit us about day break and we hopein it all comes thur tonight or hold off and just give us till about 12 noon tomorrow. dey all ready got over 2 inches of rain in New Orleans in about 1 1/2 hours but dat big rain squall dare passed North of us and spared us. OK, my Bride is callin me cuz i tink she got someting planned for me. see y'all tomorrow. Da Rippulator

** 4-15-2012 ** ****** REEL FISHIN ADVENTURES BY Ripp ****** Damit Boy dat was some very strong gusty S.E. wind today, 25 plus mph with higher gust. oh yea, it was all ready blowin when i got dare dis mornin, it blowed all night long. dat S.E. wind pushed da water right up on da black top once again. man, dey had some nice white caps in da Bayou. i want to Thank Ken L. and guest from da Gulf Coast for fishin with us today, again tomorrow plus one more day. YES, we had a rough ride out and YES again it was a lot rougher when we came back. we had 3 boats go out for Ken and guest and everybody had a good day of fishin once again. i was a lil worried dis mornin but everyting worked out for us. Ken, Judy his Bride and Miss Sylvia ( Mother-in-Law ) who i might add is 80 years young and YES, she still can fish and she gets around like shes 60, gotta love dat. had 3 new Lil comers ( future customers ) oldest one about 10 years young i guess, dey fished with Lil Craig. now let me told y'all dey was some fired up dis mornin and dey was rarein to go. of course dey had a few questions, now come on, y'all know dey wouldn't be kids with out questions. i didn't have to back da truck down far at all dis mornin to slide da boat off da trailer, matter of fact i tink da truck was still in da parkin lot when da boat slid off. now once we got to da fishin grounds it was much calmer. we started out with dead shrimp under a slidein sinker, now China and crew started out with gold spoons but dey soon changed over to dead shrimp all so. we had a good jump on dem redfish right off da bat but da only problem we had was dat Ken caught da 1st. fish and dats a NO NO with Miss Judy cuz she all ways catches da 1st. fish and i tink by Ken catchin da 1st. one it throwed her game off dis mornin. it took a lil while for her to get in her Grove on but like all ways when she finds it she just don't let up but i must say i saw her Miss a couple of keeper redfish and she don't never do dat. it was a tight call but i tink she eased right ahead of Ken on da last 2 stops. i got a couple of pictures of Miss Sylvia and her redfish out on da water but once we hit da dock da kids took over da fish board. dey was nothin but smiles while standin dare with all dare fish and all of dem had a cell phone and dey all had somebody takein a picture of dem with all da fish. after several group picture was taken dey wanted to hold each a fish so we got some pictures of dem like dat all so. i bet dey all gonna take a nap before dey get home but i bet once Home Mom's gonna hear some long winded fish stories more den once. one of dem video most of da fish cleanin and was eager to make sure he got all da guts of da fish in his Video, dats gonna be a show and tell at schooll tomorrow. i tink dey gonna remember dis day a long time and i tink from now on Dad is gonna find it hard to leave da house with out dem. like all ways keep a tight line and make sure to keep y'all bait wet. Da Rippulator

** 4-14-2012 ** ****** REEL FISHIN ADVENTURES BY Ripp ****** I want to Thank Clay & guest Butch from New Orleans for fishin with me today on short notice. i was booked but had my trip Cancled cuz of a health problem with one of my guest and with da weather and fishin as good as its been i hated to lose a good day like dat so i made about 6 phone calls before i found somebody dat could make da trip on very short notice and i'am sure Clay & Butch is glad dey was able to make da trip. now Clay told me dis mornin dat he made 3 calls before he found somebody to come with him but he all so told me dat he was comein by his self if he couldn't find anybody cuz he said if i called him on very short notice he knew dem redfish must be bitein good. Clay & Butch was a lil excited about da trip and dey got to Joe's before dey was even open. when i went to back da boat down dey was all ready sittin on da bench in front of Joe's. he walked over to hold da rope for da boat while i backed down and he told me i know we early but we was excited about da trip, i told him it wasn't a big deal. we got a good early start and we had to wait a few minutes for it to get a lil light so we could cast. now yesterday we tried dem gold spoons but we could knot catch a fish on dem spoons, we had to use a plastic cocahoe with a bright green tail and just bounce it off da bottom. what a mornin it was. now Clay had some business to take care of for noon but yesterday when i talked to him i told him i would have him back way before dat and he say i tell you what Ripp if we catch our 15 reds i will be ready to go, i told him you got it brother. now y'all know how dis fishin is from one day to da next but i was pretty sure with da wind da way it was along with da tide i taught we would have a quick mornin and i'am tellin y'all we didn't make 30 cast or less between da 3 of us and dey had dare limit of nice redfish, Butch made 6 cast in a row and caught 6 keeper reds. now Clay had changed his story a lil bit when i started up da motor, he said Ripp what you doin and i told him you told me yesterday dat if y'all got 15 redfish you would be ready to go and he told me Yea i said dat but i didn't tink we would get dem in 30 minutes or less. i went to messin with him and told him so now you goin back on your word i guess. i told him you know all a man got is his good name and his word and now you given one of dem up. i did have him goin for a lil while inbetween fish cuz he never laided his rod down. i did get a few good pictures of dem with da Sun comein up behind dem and Yes we got a couple of good pictures back at da dock. we had our 15 redfish den i tagged and released 10 cuz dats all da tags i had but i know we caught another 20 nice redfish before he gave up and he told me dat was a Great trip. he was amazed at all dem redfish and we never saw a one on da surface. when we hooked up on da 1st. double i put da power pole down and we never moved till we got our 15. now dey did have lots of mullets on da surface but da mullets is to big for da size redfish we was catchin to eat so all i know is dey just under dem mullets followin dem around. man i hope it stays like dis a few more days, weather right, fish right, gotta love dat. gotta run for now but like all ways keep a tight line and keep y'all bait wet. Da Rippulator.

** 4-13-2012 ** ****** REEL FISHIN ADVENTURES BY Ripp ****** Guess y'all know it allready but its Friday Da 13th. now i heard dat a few times dis mornin, tell me what dats means, are we knot suppose to go to work or someting, tomorrow is Saturday Da 14th. does dat mean anyting. i want to Thank Josh M. and crew from Alabama for fishin with us today and YES, i know dey Beat L.S.U. last year for da Champion Ship, how many times y'all tink i heard dat shit today, beleive it or knot i heard it before today. hey Steven J. we missed you on dis fishin trip but i now know you got a New Baby and all your spare time is accounted for. dey got down here yesterday evenin pretty early and started Burlin some mud-bugs for dare supper and YES, dem dudes did drink a few Adult Drinks. dey was pretty much up dis mornin when we got dare to pick dem up, movein just a lil slow but movein. now when we pulled away from da dock a couple of dem in Lil Craig's boat popped a top and it wasn't on any soft drink cans either, tough dem young boys are. now one of dem in da gang is gettin Married pretty soon and dats what dis here trip was for and its lookin like its gonna be one dat dey all remember, once again deep down on Da Bayou makein memories and passin a good time with Ripp's Charters, gotta love dat. we had just a lil light S.E. wind when i put da boat in da water dis mornin. yea, i know dis line should be up a few lines but dey was tryin hard to get me over served by Joe's. once we reached da fishin grounds we started out with dead shrimp under a slide sinker and dem redfish was waitin on us. i had 4 fisherman in da boat with me but only 3 of dem was catchin fish and i was scared dat dey was gonna get dare limit before one of dem caught a keeper. let me told y'all dis, he was in da middle of 2 of dem and dey was catchin fish on each side of him and at one time one of dem took his rod and no sooner da bait hit da water he had a nice redfish on & said out loud it ain't da fishin rod, now dat poor Josh was tryin hard to catch a fish, oh shit, did i say his name. i hate dat but i got to leave it cuz da last time i tried to erase someting off dis here machine and after 13 pencils i wore a hole clean thur da glass and da dam word was still dare, you just gonna have to live with it Josh. dem dudes layed into dem reds and it didn't take dem no time to reach dare limit and start throwin some back. what a day dey had. all 3 boats had dare limit of redfish. we got a bunch of pictures back at da dock with all dare fish and dey was still takein pictures while we was tryin to take da fish off da board. now we found dem some fresh big shrimp and dey was gonna Burl dat along with some redfish on da half shell with some fresh fried filets and YES, i'am sure dey will have a few more Cold Adult Drinks as well.OK, i tink dis is all i can do here for today. Da Rippulator

** 4-12-2012 ** ****** REEL FISHIN ADVENTURES BY Ripp ****** Man we was back to long sleeve shirts for most of da mornin, don't know where dat lil cool front came from but it can go right back. we want dem steady Hot days one after another. i want to Thank Jim & Kathy M. from New Jersey once again for fishin with me today. now dis mornin when i backed da boat down da wind was kickin ass allready and i had to back da truck way down da ramp a good bit more den yesterday to slide da boat off da trailer. now just like da other 2 days my crew was waitin on me to pull up so dey can load up and start dare last day of fishin. Kathy cook dem some fresh fish again for supper last night and dey both said how good it was. now we had a bump-pee ride out dis mornin but i tried to stay as close to lee shore as i could so dat way dem waves wouldn't be so big and rough. we kinda seen a pretty good sunrise but right when it broke da horizon a few clouds popped up right in front of it. we started out with dead shrimp under a slidein sinker but we did try a couple of times with da cork but dat wasn't workin good for us at all cuz between da strong gusty North East wind and da current runnin hard you just couldn't keep da cork where you wanted it to be. some places i just couldn't get da boat to act right, da current would be runnin one way and da wind would be cross ways our line so dat cork would sail along da bank. now our best bet was da slidein sinker. we didn't even try to throw dem gold spoons today. we passed a lot of water under dat boat today, we went East, North, West & South and made many many cast for da fish we caught. it was lookin pretty slim in da fish box, we tried deep water, we tried shallow water and with dem corks we tried inbetween da water. i never did find any clear water today. now like i said it was lookin pretty slim in da fish box. did i tell y'all how good dat Kathy could fish, dat Lady was someting else with a reelin rod in her hands. oh yea she was Da Redfish Queen again today and dat means she gets da Crown till dare next trip. i told dem time was gettin short and we was goin in over time with No Time outs left. OK, Jim & Kathy we gonna make one more stop den we have to start back. i moved da boat up da bank about 98 yards from where we was and speared us down and let me told y'all dats when Kathy went to showin us what she had and what she could do with a reelin rod. she went to catchin dem Nice redfish cast after cast, now am i right or what Jim. now poor Jim he caught a couple right dare him self but he mostly was watchin Kathy Da Queen reel dem fish in, she said Ripp i got to get another picture with dat fish and i told her, Kathy lets catch dem redfish while dey bitein and i will take your picture before we leave, i told her and Jim dat dey gonna quit bitein just like dey started bitein and dey did but it was to late cuz Kathy had done all da damage dat she could do. we went from Zero to Hero on dat last stop. now with da 2 of dem fishin Kathy came in 1st. with Jim a close second. i told dem dats why you never give up till da bitter end. now dey gonna spend one more night in da Big City before headin back home to New Jersey. Thanks again Jim & Kathy and hope to see y'all again soon. like all ways keep a tight line and keep y'all bait wet. Da Rippulator

** 4-11-2012 ** ****** REEL FISHIN ADVENTURES BY Ripp ****** Y'all come on down to da Bayou cuz da water is fine and da fish is bitein. i want to Thank Jim & Kathy M. from New Jersey for fishin with me again today. my crew was up, ready and waitin on me when i pulled up to get dem. now i don't know where dat North wind come from but it was pretty stiff around day break and it never let up all day long. oh yea, it put a pretty good chop on da water for our ride out dis mornin. da wall makes dem waves even bigger den dey all ready are and it pushes dem right back into da lake and its a mess to ride thur. now when we got to our 1st. stop which was right where we ended da day yesterday everyting had changed over night cuz of da North wind and da water was a good 10 inches lower den yesterday and dat was gonna be a problem cuz da grass & slime is gettin pretty bad right where we was and lower da water da higher da grass is to da surface. runnin into da fishin grounds i didn't see near da fish we saw yesterday and da water had a pretty good stain to it cuz of da North wind but we was here so of course we was gonna try and yes we started out with gold spoons and dey worked just as good as dey did da day before but we never saw near as many fish as yesterday. now yesterday we would spoke a fish from da bank and we pretty much caught da ones we saw and Kathy told me she had never saw dat before. i told her we was huntin down dem redfish. now Jim done a lil better today den yesterday on da fish catchin of redfish. i tink he was one step ahead of Kathy today on da fish catchin. now once we left da marsh and started fishin with dead shrimp under a slidein sinker he kinda kicked back, he did use a line but wasn't to instrested in dat type of fishin but he done it for his Bride Kathy, what a good Husband he is. Kathy caught 1 nice redfish along with some nice catfish dat she wanted and dat was gonna be dare supper tonight. she cooked some redfish last night and told me dis mornin it was Great, matter of fact she cooked a couple of extra pieces so she could bring it on da boat for a mid-mornin snack. yes, we did get some nice pictures of her out on da water with all her redfish and all her catfish. i tink tomorrow will tell who is da better fisher person cuz right now dey tied up with one a piece so tomorrow will be da tie breaker and da Winner of a 3 day adventure. like all ways keep a tight line and your bait wet. Da Rippulator

** 4-10-2012 ** ****** REEL FISHIN ADVENTURES BY Ripp ****** Kathy M. was dat some good marsh fishin or what, you can't beat da color of dem redfish. i'am glad dey came back down to da bayou to pass a good time with us. i want to Thank Jim & Kathy M. for New Jersey for fishin with me today and tomorrow plus one more day. now we gonna try someting different each day for dem by request. dey was all excited about da house dey was gonna be stayin in for 3 nights cuz it was right on da water. dare last trip here dey stayed in Da Big City but dis go round dey wanted to stay on da bayou. da bayou was pretty calm when i backed da boat down dis mornin but da weather people said we had a pretty good chance of rain. now we had a smooth ride out dis mornin and got to see a really nice sunrise with some great orange colors. man i like lookin at dat.once we got to da fishin grounds i wanted to start dem off with some golds spoons. our 1st. stop we had some really nice water with a good bit of bait runnin da shore lines but dey just never had enough reds for us to stay but Jim and Kathy did catch each a one but i told dem it was to nice to troll around here with all dis water to our selves so off we went in search of more fish and dat was a pretty good move cuz everyting kinda fell in place for us. dat Kathy could fish with da best of dem and she was showin Jim how it was done in da marsh and she got da proff to prove it cuz every fish she caught she got at least 2 pictures with it, shes gonna have a new deep south marsh redfishin scrap book fill up with just dis trip here. i knew it wasn't gonna take long for dem to reach dare limit of redfish da way she was catchin dem. she even stopped a few times to let Jim catch up and he was gettin close but time run out on him so he finished a close second behind Kathy da Queen. we all so got a nice group picture of dem when we got back to da dock. it was a great day to spend out on da water. days like dis is just to pretty to stay inside. gotta run for now. Da Rippulator

** 4-9-2012 ** ****** REEL FISHIN ADVENTURES BY Ripp ****** Dats what i'am talkin about right dare, catchem fast. i want to Thank Brad R. and guest from around da Baton Rouge area for fishin with me today. we had another great weather day, if it could only stay like dis till Huntin season den turn COLD. Yea , i know dat ain't gonna happen but its wish-full tinkin. everybody was off from fishin yesterday cuz of Easter Sunday but da water was Buzzin once again today. da weather people gave a pretty good chance of rain today ( from day light to dark was dare range ) gotta love dat. any direction you looked you couldn't see any rain clouds. now we did have a stiff North wind dis mornin when i backed da boat down and dat was suppose to swing to da South East but while fishin we didn't see dat wind swing happen. we had a nice ride out with just a few bumps but we did get to see a Great April sunrise dis mornin. dat big ball of fire came up out of da water just as Orange as it could get, i just don't get tired of seein dem sun rises. gotta say it, now when dey put me down for good i'am pretty sure i will be ahead of lots and lots of people for seein sun rises out on da water. once we reached our fishin grounds i started everybody out on dead shrimp under a slidein sinker but we did try some cork fishin up in da marsh but we never caught one redfish on da cork or for dat matter we never caught any kind of fish under da cork. now dey tore dem a new you know what on dat slidein sinker and for da most part my crew was pretty good on da rock catchin cuz very few rocks was caught today. now Lil Chris was Da Man today. i didn't ask him his age but he was right around 10 years young i tink and he was a good Lil fisherman, he didn't catch da biggest redfish but by far he caught da most. now he did catch da biggest sheep-head and i'am pretty sure he caught da most flounders along with da biggest one. now da bite was pretty quick dis mornin , we had a hard incomin tide but when it slacked dem fish got da lock jaw but dem 2 hours was all we needed. now Lil Chris's Paw-Paw caught da biggest redfish and his Uncle Brad was a close second on da fish catchin but Lil Chris was Da Man and he will tell you dat in a heart beat, dat he caught da most fish. we got some good pictures of him when we got back to da dock and his Lil face was just one big grin from ear to ear. like all ways keep a tight line and keep your bait wet and i will see y'all tomorrow. Da Rippulator

** 4-5-2012 ** ****** REEL FISHIN ADVENTURES BY Ripp ****** Man, was dat some Heavy Rain or what, we had to CANCLE our trip yesterday mornin and we had to CANCLE it dis mornin all so but dey tellin us dis is it, after dis Big Squall passes us it will start to clear up and we will see Sunshine dis evenin, oh yea, we heard dat before. we all most could fish right off da porch, dat rain has put some water all over da place. da ground was all ready water soked from da last couple of days so what we got last night has just piled up on top of da water we allready had. we had a current runnin thur da yard just like da Bayou. now it hit us about 4:30 am dis mornin. da Thunder woke me up and once again we had a pretty nice Lightin storm before da Heavy Rain got to us. we could here da Thunder rollin in closer and closer to us with every Lightin strike. when it comes to Free Shows you just can't beat Mother Nature, YES it is amazein. da sheer power it has is a force to be reckoned with. right now as i'am typein dis here report i here Heavy Thunder out to our South, i'am hopein dat da stuff dat passed over us a lil while ago and it keeps headin South and don't back up over us again and we get some more of dat Trainin affect. i don't have to tell y'all all da damage it has done to our West, North & East cuz all you have to do is put da TV on and watch for just a lil while. now we Hopein we get to make da next couple of days before Easter Sunday, we will be OFF for Easter Sunday by choice. our cement was covered with worms, frogs and spiders, dem to is tryin to get out of da water and a place dey can catch some fresh air without da rain fallin on dem. dare went another Big Thunder and i tink it sounded closer dat time. OK, i gotta run for now but i hope i will be back tomorrow with a Fishin Report and knot another Weather Report. Da Rippulator

** 4-3-2012 ** ****** REEL FISHIN ADVENTURES BY Ripp ****** Y'all Come on down to Da Bayou to Fish and pass a good time with us. i want to Thank Moose R. and guest from both side of da lake for fishin with us today and again tomorrow. now dem boys drove down yesterday evenin and all ready had smoke comein off da pit when i got dare and YES, dey was dippin into some Adult Cold drinks while watchin da pit smoke. now dem weather people was givein some rain showers for last night but i don't tink dey taught we was gonna get what we got over night. we got 6 inches of heavy rain and some very large rain drops, how big you say, i tink dey was runnin about 9 drops to da dozen dey was so big and along with dat we got 2 bouts of Hail, dats right i said Hail, don't see Hail much down here on da Bayou, now it didn't last long either time but it came twice times. we all so got some 30 plus miles per hour wind, we all so got a Free Lightin show dat lasted 3/4 of da night, dey was so close together da thunder sounded like it came before da Lightin a few times and all FREE of charge for da watchin put on by Mother Nature. it was Lightin so much it got so bright da street light taught it was breakin day and turned it off twice times. now when i got to da boat shed dis mornin da wind had died down a lot from last night and all da rain was gone and when i got to da back down ramp da water had swelled up about 10 inches or so. while drinkin our coffee in da Marina dis mornin a few people on dare way to work stopped by and told us da Lightin hit dare house and burned up everyting dat was plugged into a wall socket. Da Marina is where and why y'all can live y'all lives like y'all do cuz we solve lost of World problems dare and we do all dat in about 1 hour a mornin. whats up with all dem people in dat White House dat dey can't solve any problems, dey might need to send us 2 or 1 people dat can write and take notes and bring dat back to dem to look over & analyze, i promise it can't hurt nothin. now our crew was ready and waitin on us when we pulled up to get dem. High Water, dat part was good but i was pretty sure it was gonna have a muddie effect on our fishin grounds, WRONG. for da most parts da water was pretty clear. we started out with dead shrimp under a cork but soon changed over to gold spoons, on our 1st. stop da wind was pretty strong but in about 45 minutes or so it had layed down a good bit so dats why we changed over to spoons. now Mr. Moose caught da Biggest redfish on our boat and it was caught with a spoon, he even caught a nice Green Trout on dat spoon. a picture was taken with one of dem fancy phones and knot long after he caught dat big redfish it was bein sent out world wide i tink. check y'all phone cuz i tink he sent to every person. some people was still in bed, some people was gettin out of bed and some people across da globe was just goin to bed, gotta love dat. see y'all tomorrow. Da Rippulator

** 4-2-2012 ** ****** REEL FISHIN ADVENTURES BY Ripp ****** It looks like Fishin season is in full bloom right now and man da weather has really been good to us so far. i want to Thank Harry T. and guest for fishin with me today. i tink dey in town and have someting to do with dem Final 4 Basketball games cuz dey had to be back in New Orleans for straight up 12 noon for a meetin. i told Harry last night on da phone dat anyting can happen with an outboard motor at any time no matter how good its runnin and he had to make dis meetin. i all so told him dat anyting can happen to da car he's drivein. da wind was light dis mornin when i backed da boat down but i new it was gonna breeze up after daylight and it did but we had a reel fast start dis mornin. as y'all can see i did talk Harry in to comein down anyway and i done my part. i had him back at da dock for 10:45 like he wanted. he wanted to know if i taught he would need a shower before da meetin and i told him if everybody around him didn't mind da smell of da great outdoors he would be OK. i was wonderin why he was dressed up a bit good for fishin. now he left as soon as we landed but his buddy stayed back while i cleaned and bagged all dare fish. we caught all our fish on Gold Spoons today. da wind did pick up speed about 8 o'clock or so but we was so far in da marsh grass it didn't bother us at all. as we was goin down one bank i had pushed a couple of nice lookin reds along da bank in front of us and dey stopped in front of a lil ditch about 35 yards in front of us and i was hopein dey would wait for us cuz i could see dem crusein around in dare so i put da power pole down about 25 yards away with da wind on our back so i wouldn't spook dem and i got Harry and Clay up on da bow and showed dem what i was lookin at and got dem to cast behind da fish and pull dat gold spoon thur dem and we caught 6 nice reds in about 7 cast, now dats a good start right dare, dem 2 dudes was some excited about beein withness to dat. now dem reds was in about 18 inches of clear calm water and dey wanted dat gold spoon, you could throw 3 feet either side of dem and once you started dat spoon back to da boat you could see dare wake headed for da spoon, now dats a pretty sight to see at 7 o'clock in da mornin. i got a couple of good pictures of dem out on da water but Harry had to run as soon as we docked da boat so we didn't get any land pictures of dem 2. well i gotta run for now cuz my crew for tomorrow just called me and done made it down to da house. see y'all tomorrow with another report. Da Rippulator

** 4-1-2012 ** ****** REEL FISHIN ADVENTURES BY Ripp ****** Well Mike i hope our day today will be just like yesterday, yea, Ripp dat would be nice. once again i want to Thank Mike H. and guest for fishin with me today. Miss Mary told me dis mornin dat she was so tried from catchin fish yesterday she took a 2 hour nap before dey went to supper. now for supper last night dey went to Boutte's Bayou Restaurant and dey was very pleased with all dare food. now we had a lil different wind dis mornin when i backed da boat down, da wind had turned a lil bit to da East, so now it was S.E. with a lil get up and go behind it. now just like yesterday my crew was right on time and ready to start dare day off. our ride out today had a few bumps on our way to da fishin grounds but da direction it was comein from would make it nice once we got to da shore line. we had a lot more clouds dis mornin den yesterday so we got to see a very small piece of da Sun when it came up. now i could see on our ride out dis mornin dat Mike was a lil more eager today den yesterday so i was pretty sure it was gonna be everybody for dare self today. we was headed right where we started and finished our day yesterday. now while i was tryin to throw da spear and get da boat in da right spot with da right angle for everybody to cast Mike had allready opened da fish box and got a hand full of shrimp out and had his line baited and ready for castin and as soon as da line got tight on da spear his 1st. cast was on its way and he was so excited he threw his shrimp off, dude you know you gotta love dat. me and Chuck like to fell out da boat we was laughin so hard, dat 1st. bad cast of da day had Mike talkin to his self for an hour. yea, i could see everybody was on dare own today. we was ready and set up just like yesterday but dem fish wasn't waitin on us today, we really had to work hard for our fish today. yesterday was one stop catchin but knot today. it looked like dey had a day off from school and dey was scattered all over and we had to go door to door to catch dem. i don't know how many times i threw dat spear, it adds up quick when you only stay in a spot for 4 or 3 cast. now everyting on da surface looked just like yesterday but someting just wasn't right. we did catch all our fish on dead shrimp under a slidein sinker again today. now Mike hooked a reel nice red about 8 pounds and gave da reelin rod to his Mom and she had her hands full with dat ting, i'am talkin all she wanted for 12 minutes or so, she wanted to give dat reelin rod to anybody dat would take it but she couldn't find any takers. oh yea, she took a good rest after dat one. like i told dem dey had 2 great days of good weather along with great marsh fishin at its best and dey had a big ice chest full of fresh fee-layed fish to prove it. dey all so made countless memories of dare fishin trip along with some great pictures to share with da hole family when dey get home. gotta love dat. Cha-Ching. catch y'all on da flip side. Da Rippulator

** 3-31-2012 ** ****** REEL FISHIN ADVENTURES BY Ripp ****** Hey Mike was dat some good fishin or what, you know it don't get much better den dat, shit, even Chuck caught his limit and dats all i should have to say about dat. i want to Thank Mike H. and guest for fishin with me today and again tomorrow and i tink dey was gonna be in for 2 good days of fishin along with good weather. dey drove in yesterday evenin and was headed to Restaurant Des Families for supper, Mom & Dad along with Mike love to eat dare, dey knot comein down here without eatin dare at least one night. now his Mom ( Miss Mary ) & Dad ( Mr Billy ) is in from Florida but on dare way home to Missouri, y'all see dey some of dem Snow Birds you here about cuz dey drive dare motor home down to da Keys and spend da winter, gotta love dat. now we had a very light S.W. wind when i backed da boat down dis mornin and da water was up. my crew was right on time, course dey wasn't far cuz dey stayed right on top of da Marina. now we had a smooth ride out to da fishin grounds, got to see a lil sun rise but we had a few clouds pop up right in front of it when it broke da horizon. after spearin us down and gettin da boat in da right spot i got everybody all set up with a dead shrimp under a slidein sinker and it wasn't long at all and Miss Mary had a fish pullin her drag out and while i was waitin for her to get dat fish close enough for me to net Mr. Billy had one pullin his drag out to. dat Miss Mary could fish, her castin was right on target her hook settin was right on time, man dat lady could fish. da only lil problem i had with her was when reelin in da fish she didn't want to quit reelin, even if da fish was pullin da drag out she was steady reelin in. shit, i had da fish in da net a couple of times and she still was turnin da handle on da reel. now beleive it or knot Mike was on good behavior and tryin to be a good host, i guest cuz it was his Mom & Dad fishin with him today along with his friend Chuck. Miss Mary was on a roll, she was reelin in fish after fish till she had to stop and take a rest, she said her wrist was hurtin her but i tink it was just to try and let da men catch up a lil bit. you see she jumped out ahead of dem right quick like and never looked back one time. oh yea, she was da Queen of fishin today and she even got da pictures to prove it. man i was glad tings worked out like dey did for dem, she told me dare deep freeze was gettin short on fish, you know Ripp we love our fried fish & our Grand-Kids can't wait for us to give a big fish fry. dey all ready callin us to see if we caught any fish. dey was snappin dem pictures with dem fancy cell phones to send back to Missouri for everybody to see and most of da pictures was of Mom. what a good day of Fishin dey had. gotta run for now but like all ways keep y'all bait wet. Da Rippulator

** 3-30-2012 ** ****** REEL FISHIN ADVENTURES BY Ripp ****** I'am tellin y'all now is da time to be down here Fishin, dem fish is all most jumpin in da boat, you all most got to shoe dem away. i want to Thank Mike B. and guest from La., Ms. & Al. for fishin with us today and what a good day of fishin it was for all. now dey drove down yesterday evenin and we done a Lil Cajun cook out for dem right dare where dey was stayin and dey was amazed at dat. when i put da boat in da water dis mornin it looked like it was gonna be a good day for fishin and man was i right. our crew was up and waitin on us when we pulled up to da dock. dey was ready to start dare fishin day off, we had a nice ride out to da fishin grounds. dey was given a 50 per cent chance of rain but i was pretty sure we was gonna make our day before da rain squalls started and we did. i had a couple of 1st. timers with me but knot 1st. timers on Fishin, man my crew could fish, matter of fact dey told me dat dey was da "A" Team. trust me when i told y'all dis i heard dat shit before, more den once dem words was passed across my boat. now like i said 3 came with me and 4 went with Lil Craig, lots of tall talkin goin on while we was leavein da house. oh yea, man i'am gonna catch dis and i'am gonna catch da most and i'am gonna catch da biggest, Shit talkin goin on and we never wet da 1st. line yet. now we sneaked up on a couple of birds divein and i put on some plastic Cocahoes under a cork and a couple of rods with no cork but we only caught a couple of throw backs, den we went on about our normal business. we started out fishin with dead shrimp under a slidein sinker in nice clear pretty water and dat seemed to work really well. it didn't take but 3 or 2 cast before da 1st. keeper fish hit da floor. inbetween fish catches dey all so caught some really nice ROCKs, come to tink about it da rock catchin was mostly caught by one man. he was in 1st. place all by his self. i'am glad we didn't land any cuz dem dam tings is hard on my electric knives, plus it takes for ever to get dem tender enough to eat. we caught 20 really nice black drums along with a couple of reds and once we reach out limit i told my crew we was gonna run in da marsh and try to throw some Gold Spoons along da grass banks while da wind was still down and i was surprised at how clean da water was in da marsh but how few Reds was in da marsh. we did pick up 5 or 4 nice reds with da spoons but it was slow fishin, lots of castin goin on dare. now some of dem was goin home dis evenin but some was stayin another night and 4 of dem wanted to make a evenin trip so i didn't want to push my luck with my knee, one a day to start off was good enough for me so i let Lil Craig take dem out and dey done pretty good till da rain run dem back in. well dats about all i can do for dis here report but will be back tomorrow with another one. like all ways keep y'all bait wet. Da Rippulator

** 3-28-2012 ** ****** REEL FISHIN ADVENTURES BY Ripp ****** Come on down to da Bayou cuz Summer is here, we skipped right over Spring and went right into Summer but it looks like it done dat all across da country. Man what a Great day of Fishin my crew had today, Cha-Ching, Ba Bing Ba Boom. i want to Thank Tom T., Bailey S. for fishin with us today, now dey had a mixed Group cuz i tink dey was from 4 or 5 different states. now dey was comein last Thursday but we moved it to today cuz of all da Bad weather we had last Thursday & let me told y'all it was some Bad stuff. i didn't make da trip today cuz i'am still healin my knee but i was down dare when dey pulled into da dock to get a group picture of dem and all dare fish. lots and lots of stories goin on at one time at da fish cleanin table once da 2 groups got together. everybody caught fish and everybody was excited about dare trip. a couple of dem in da group dis was dare 1st. trip down on da bayou to fish with us. now Miss Rachel she was all excited about her fishin trip, she told me dat she been a couple of times when she was a small young girl but never saw any fish on any of dare fishin trips much less catch any but today dat all changed for her cuz i'am pretty sure she was Da Redfishin Queen. she got more pictures with da fish den anybody else so i'am guessin she caught da most. she even dressed up Da Ripp's Fishin Sign much better den here Fishin Buddies, you all most didn't even see da Fish hangin dare. Shit, matter of fact i don't know if i saw any fish up on da board, gotta love it. she even wanted to try and clean a couple and she did, first she tried with da Electric Knife but in her words it was a Saws All Knife, gotta love dat. never heard it called a Saws All before. now Kory Joe helped her out a lil bit but she's gonna need a few more lessons on da fish cleanin, den she tried Craig's Serrated edge filet knife and you couldn't tell if it was a fish or knot when she got done with it but like i told her dat wasn't her job, her job was to catch da fish knot clean and bag dem and she done good on dat cuz da fish board couldn't hold all da fish she caught. i'am just guessin dat da men caught some of dem fish but i didn't here much braggin from dem and you know how dem Men are about dare fishin and what dey caught and how big it was and how many dey caught once dey get out of da boat and back on da dock, Shit, sometime dey don't even get out da boat before dey start talkin shit, we tryin to tie da boat up and dey lookin for da biggest fish in da other boat to compare with dares. oh yea, we love dat to. like all ways keep your Bait in da water cuz dats where it works best. Da Rippulator

** 3-24-2012 ** ****** REEL FISHIN ADVENTURES BY Ripp ****** Dats right all da Bad weather passed right over us but before we got it da water in da Bayou had covered da blacktop road in a few places. now we got plenty rain along with lots of heavy wind and all so got a Free Lightin storm, we got all dat in about 32 hours or a lil more. ** i want to Thank Paul S. and guest from Jackson Ms. for fishin with us today ( 3-24-2012 ) i wasn't able to take dem myself cuz of my knee so Lil Craig took dem for me and dey had a Good day of Fishin. dey came in late Friday night and Fished Saturday mornin but gonna stay another night for maybe a lil partyin in da Big City or just to relax. now Craig told me dey had a good bit of Fog on da way out but as soon as da wind picked up da Fog was gone. he told me dey got some good pictures out dare on da water and all so took a couple of group pictures back by da dock. i talked to Paul myself to check up on dem and he told me everybody had a Good time. now it is about 2:30 Sunday evenin just about 72 hours into or after my knee operation and i'am walkin around pretty good today. Shit i even slept a lil bit last night, had to quit takein dem Pain pills cuz beside knot workin to make da pain go away dey stop me from sleepin all together, Shit, any mornin at 2 am i could have went cut da frickin grass if i wanted to cuz i was wide awake. i'am gettin ready to make a lil walk around da yard with my walkin stick, yep, dats right i'am down to one walkin stick now and let me told y'all what i like about dem walkin sticks, either stick works for either leg dare is NO right or left, gotta love dat, when you 1st. get dem you have to do a quick look over just to see if dey got a right and left. now if you get tired of usein one try da other one cuz it don't matter unless you got one leg or one arm longer den da other and don't tink you can just grab a pair of dem sticks and start walkin, yea maybe outside where you got a lil room if da ground is level but inside you got so much stuff in your way, a chair, a chair leg, a door way, a door, a vent, a corner, toys from da grand kids knot to mention da grand kids dare self tryin to hang on your stick. if you knot carefrull you can end up on your face in a hurry if you knot payin full attention to where you goin. now on da other hand be cuz you hand-dee-caped you might knot be able to get what you want when you want it so den dey become a weapon, now at dis point you might want both of dem cuz dey pretty good for hittin people to get dare attention. all yea, everybody is on da ball when dey around you for now. i might have to be a lil care-full when i don't need dem any more and make dam sure i put dem away so dey knot used on me. gotta go and Hop around. Da Rippulator

Ripp's guided, inland sportfishing charters start at $500/day for up to 2 people including rod, reel, and ice. Four boats are available and a $200.00 deposit per day is required.

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